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Maharashtra State Bureau of Textbook Production and Curriculum Research, Pune (Balbharati) is an autonomous institution established on 27th January 1967 based on the recommendations of the Kothari Commission. The main objective of Balbharati is to create textbooks for grade I to X basis the Government approved curriculum, as well as prepare and publish other educational material in the state of Maharashtra. Balbharati has formulated this Policy to achieve the following objectives:

  • To aid and promote advancement of education in general and of primary and secondary education in general;

  • To produce school textbooks, hand-books for teachers, work-books for pupils and other educational literature useful for furtherance of teaching or learning in educational institutions;

  • To encourage and procure expert authors having knowledge and experience of modern methods of education to write in different language textbooks on various subjects suited to the requirements of the curricula and syllabi prescribed by Government or other appropriate authority in that behalf for various courses of education and to apply for and obtain the approval or sanction of Government or other appropriate authority thereto;

  • To print, publish, stock, distribute and sell or enter into any arrangement for printing, publishing, stocking, distribution and sale of textbooks approved, sanctioned or assigned by Government or other appropriate authority and any other publications which Balbharati may decide to publish, with a view to making the same available at a fair and reasonable price;

  • To undertake and promote with suitable grant-in aids, research for the improvement of curricula for primary, secondary and higher secondary stages of education;

  • To undertake and promote with suitable grants-in-aid, research for the preparation and production of school textbooks and books intended for supplementary reading at all stages of school-education indicated in 1.5 above;

  • To regulate and fix prices of the publications of the society consistent with its objects;

  • To develop curricula on the basis of research and recommend them to Government and other appropriate authorities for adoption;

  • To advise and assist Government and other appropriate authorities in all matters concerning the experimental development and revision of curricula, textbooks and supplementary reading materials, when called upon to do so;

  • To make available quality material at a low price;

  • To undertake educational research for improving the curriculum and instructional materials.